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The Violin Channel Vanguard Concerts Series 2

September 29, 2022 9:00 pm EST






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NEW TO YOUTUBE | Malin Broman and Rick Stotijn Perform "Passacaglia" in 7 Parts

In this arrangement of the Passacaglia by Haendel/Halvorsen/van Prooijen, the duo plays seven instruments at the same time


To perform the "Passacaglia" arrangement by Marijn van Prooijen, Malin Broman plays violin, viola, harpsichord, and cello while Rick Stotijn plays double basses and bassoon as well as beatboxing and singing.



The Violin Channel had the chance to catch up with Malin Broman to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video.

1. What inspired this initiative? Was it inspired by COVID lockdowns and having to play things alone or in very small groups?

The first video was definitely a result of COVID. Some years ago, I started to count how many parts I had played in different chamber music pieces. I was up to seven and was practicing hard to make it eight when COVID hit. Because of lockdowns, a friend suggested I would record it.  

The second video, ”A room of one’s own,” was really different, with music written specifically for the project by Britta Byström and with Virginia Wolf's message that no one or thing can take away our inner creativity. That video has had a life of its own and has been nominated for the Prix Italia.

Then, this year, I knew that I wanted to do something with the amazing double bass player Rick Stotijn. The "Passacaglia" has been a companion since I was 12. We also wanted to do something fun and spread some light and joy in the midst of world events.


2. Can you give insights on how this is recorded? What parts are recorded first? 

We started with violin and bass first and built from there. The tricky bit was to time the change of tempi and fermatas. Since it is a piece that is so familiar, it wasn’t as hard as I feared. Intonation, timing, and dynamics are all quite challenging but we had a great team helping us.


3. Is it recorded in one day? How long does it take to make something like this?

Yes, one very long day!

But of course, the preparation is so much longer. I love the creative process — from dreaming, planning, and practicing to filming, seeing, and hearing it for the first time.


5. Are there videos like this to come? 

Well, I have to learn a new instrument first…🤣 Usually, it starts to itch around February, so we will see what we come up with for next summer.


august, 2022


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