Leipzig Quartet Members Launch Cash Appeal to Aid Arrested Leader


The Leipzig Quartet have today launched an online fundraising campaign, to assist 1st violinist Stefan Arzberger - who was arrested and charged last week, in New York City on assault and robbery charges.

Arzberger, 42 was arrested and released on US $100,000 bail in a New York City court on Saturday – after it has been alleged he attempted to strangle a 64 year old female hotel guest at the Hudson Hotel, on Columbus Circle.

“During our US spring tour, Stefan was drugged, robbed of his credit cards, money and personal belongings and was disoriented for the rest of the night,” the ensemble have said.

“He woke up with two police officers kneeing his back … and without any memory of the past 5 hours he was charged with assaulting a hotel neighbour,” the group have indicated.

The ensemble have organised a fundrazr.com campaign to raise €15,000 (USD $16,500) to aid with the violinist's legal defense.

"Please help pay a part of the legal expenses. Every cent helps!" the group have pleaded, via facebook.

If you can assist, please visit: http://bit.ly/1HmCscK


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