New YouTube Channel Launched Supporting Marginalized Composers

Created using public funding by the Arts Council England's National Lottery, the new channel features history's lesser known composers, mainly female and composers of color

Pictured : Composer Laura Netzel

The composers featured so far include Swedish composer Laura Netzel, French composer Hedwige Chrétien, English Art Song composer Maude Valérie White, Czech composer and conductor Vítězslava Kaprálová, Columbian composer Luis Antonio Calvo, and Scottish singer and composer Marjory Kennedy Fraser.

"As musicians, listening is only a part of what we do every day, and whilst we hope our channel will be a great resource for anyone looking to diversify their taste in classical music, we also want it to aid people in expanding their performance repertoire," Flip the Stem's Facebook page reads. "That’s why all of our sheet music is freely available alongside our videos!"
Access the channel here: