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Boson Mo

Violinists Boson Mo and Lucinda Chiu, violist Sergein Yap and cellist Maki Kubota performing Ghen Cô Vy's viral hit 'Jealous Coronavirus'

Today is Canadian VC ‘Young Artist’ Boson Mo‘s 26th birthday. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Shepherd School of Music, Boson

The 21 2015 fine instrument recipients from the Canada Council for the Arts instrument bank have been announced – including 2 VC 'Young Artists'. This year's recipients are:

  • VC 'Young Artist' Timothy Chooi – 1717 'Windsor-Weinstein' Stradivarius Violin
  • VC 'Young Aritst' Boson Mo – 1757 Carlo Antonio Tononi Violin
  • Blake Pouliot – 1729 Guarneri del Gesu Violin
  • Yolanda Bruno – 1700 'Taft' Stradivarius Violin
  • Joshua Daniel Peters – 1869 Jean Baptiste Vuillaime Violin and Vuillaume Model bow
  • Aaron Schwebel – 1753 Joannes Baptista Guadagnini Violin
  • Amy Joanne Hillis – 1820 Joannes Franciscus Pressenda Violin
  • Andrea Tyniec – 1689 'Baumgartner' Stradivarius Violin
  • Matilda Kaul – 1747 Palmason Janaruys Gagliano Violin
  • Jonathan Chan – 1715 Dominicus Montagnana Violin
  • Emmanual Vukovich – 1700 Bell Giovanni Tononi Violin
  • Nune Melikian – 1750 Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi Violin
  • Christina Bouey – 1900 Stefano Scarampella Violin
  • Timothy Steeves – 1871 Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume Violin
  • Jeremy Potts – 1902 Enrico Rocca Violin
  • Byungchan Lee – 1768 Miller Janarius Gagliano Violin
  • Cameron Crozman – 1696 'Bonjour' Stradivarius Cello and 1830 Adam Shaw Cello Bow
  • Rachel Mercer – 1730 Newland Joannes Franciscus Celoniatus Cello
  • Noémie Raymond-Friset - 1769 Joannes Guillami Cello
  • Se-Doo Park - 1824 McConnell Nicolaus Gagliano II Cello
  • Thomas Chartré - 1841 Charles François Gand “Gand Père” Cello

The 25 candidates for the 2015 Tchaikovsky International Violin Competition have been announced, in Moscow - including 5 VC 'Young Artists'. This year's violin candidates are:

  • VC 'Young Artist' Yu-Chien Benny Tseng (Taiwan)
  • VC 'Young Artist' Alexandra Conunova (Moldova)
  • VC 'Young Artist' Boson Mo (Canada)
  • VC 'Young Artist' Yoo Jin Jang (South Korea)
  • VC 'Young Artist' Clara Jumi Kang (Germany)
  • Pavel Milyukov (Russia)
  • Elena Korzhenevich (Russia)
  • Lyubov Stekolshchikova (Russia)
  • Mayu Kishima (Japan)
  • Younguk Kim (South Korea)
  • Stepan Starikov (Russia)
  • Stephen Kim (USA)
  • Tikhon Lukiyanenko (Russia)
  • Bomsori Kim (South Korea)
  • Veriko Tchumburidze (Georgia)
  • Jee Won Kim (South Korea)
  • Haik Kazazyan (Russia)
  • Kyumin Park (South Korea)
  • Leonid Zhelezny (Russia)
  • Kristine Balanas (Latvia)
  • Daniil Avstrikh (Russia)
  • Igor Khukhua (Russia)
  • Stefan Tarara (Germany)
  • Sergei Pospelov (Russia)
  • Christopher Tun Andersen (Norway)


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