Silkroad and New England Conservatory Announce 2022 Global Musician Workshop

Sixty students will work with Silkroad artists and special guests, presenting public performances between August 10-12



Members of the Grammy award-winning Silkroad Ensemble have come together with the faculty of the New England Conservatory (NEC) to present a Global Musician Workshop (GMW). Held between August 8 and August 12, the workshop will see 60 students from around the globe participating in free workshops, as well as jam sessions and elective classes.

The workshop will be directed by cellist Mike Block and co-led by pipa player Wu Man, who received an honorary doctorate from the NEC in 2021.

The 60 selected applicants were chosen from a pool of 158. They hail from 33 different countries and play 42 different instruments — and their course fees will be paid in full by Silkroad.

Three nights of the initiative will be dedicated to public performances in NEC's Jordan Hall. Classical, jazz, folk, and traditional genres from all over the world will be represented.

"This will be our first in-person reunion of the GMW community since the pandemic and we are so excited to collaborate again, learning music from both faculty and participants over five intense days of rehearsals, jamming, and workshops," said Mike Block, the Director of the GMW.

"GMW is a one-of-a-kind gathering of globally-minded musical artists from vastly different cultures, styles, and instruments. The week of cross-cultural explorations and collaborations is beyond the scope of anything I’ve experienced anywhere else, and our public performances will give us the opportunity to share our joyous music live with the Boston community for the first time!"

To learn more about the GMW, here.