UK Airline Offloads 16 Year Old Violinist Over Payment Issue [PLEASE SHARE]

Ryan Air Violinist Violin Onboard Cover

A 16 year old violinist has been left stranded at an UK airport after Ryanair refused to allow him to board his scheduled flight with a violin case.

It is understood the boy was advised at the budget Irish airline's departure gate that he would be liable for an additional fee for the instrument in the cabin, but was not permitted to make the payment in Euros or via credit card - with ground staff insisting only Pound sterling was acceptable.

The under-aged student, traveling alone, was eventually offloaded from the flight and was forced to purchase two new tickets to fly the next day.

Ryanair’s rules do state that all instruments must be placed in the hold or the purchase of an additional seat will be required - but does indicate different currencies can be accepted at the airline’s discretion.

The Violin Channel’s October 2nd, 2014 coverage of Air Canada’s inconsistent cabin policy for violists received over 4000 social media shares, 200,000 page views and 33,000 facebook likes – leading to the airline promptly readdressing the stance.

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