OUT NOW | Violinist Johannes Pramsohler's New Album "BACH: A Cembalo certato e Violino solo"

The release explores the landscape of Baroque repertoire with works by C.P.E. Bach, Scheibe, Graun, Schaffrath, and Telemann



Audax Records announced the release of Paris-based violinist Johannes Pramsohler's new album "BACH: A Cembalo certato e Violino solo."

Recorded with harpsichordist Philippe Grisvard, the duo presents the album as three virtuosic recitals, five of which are world premiere recordings.

Pramsohler aims to draw attention to both known and unknown Baroque works — and create a newfound appreciation for the mastermind of J.S. Bach through the sonatas by his immediate successors.

"Our approach was, on the one hand, to view the unknown works not as second-rate, but to accord them the same respect that one shows to those by Bach," Pramsohler explains. "And, on the other hand, to approach Bach's sonatas in precisely this context with fresh curiosity--without fear and the overwhelming weight of tradition."

The album speaks of Pramsohler's journey to continue broadening the Baroque repertoire through historically-informed performances of numerous unknown works.

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