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OUT NOW | Thomastik-Infeld Launches Expanded Line of the DOMINANT PRO Violin String Set

The newly expanded line features a gold plated E-string DP01AU, a platinum plated E-string DP01PT, a tin plated E-string DP01SN, a chrome wound A-string DP02B, and an aluminum wound D-string DP03


Thomastik-Infeld announced the launch of the Expanded Line of the DOMINANT PRO Violin String Set.

Suitable for chamber musicians, soloists, and orchestral musicians, the new set expands upon the possibilities of the legendary DOMINANT strings.

"The Dominant Pro Expanded Line allows musicians to individualize their string choices and find the ideal strings to support their instruments' characteristics and playing style," Thomastik representative Claudia Rotter told The Violin Channel.

The Expanded Line includes the following strings:

  • The gold plated E-string DP01AU, which generates a very warm, clear sound that simultaneously conveys brilliance.

  • The platinum plated E-string DP01PT, which has the greatest projection of all DOMINANT PRO E-strings.

  • The tin plated E-string DP01SN, which has a smaller diameter and is therefore ideally suited to instruments with a normal or high string position.

  • The chrome wound A-string DP02B achieves pitch stability immediately after being strung and offers a very high resistance to bow pressure.

  • The aluminum wound D-string DP03 is a great choice for musicians who prefer a larger D-string diameter.

"At Thomastik-Infeld, we collaborate daily with top-class, international musicians who have often requested that we develop an additional set similar, but expanding upon the possibilities of the existing Dominant strings," Rotter added. "With Dominant Pro, we introduce a new generation of strings! The set DP100 is already known for its exceptional power, good balance of brilliance and warmth and its broad range of sound colors. And with the five strings of Dominant Pro's Expanded Line, even more choices are now available."

The best place to learn more about Thomastik-Infeld's latest string revolution is You'll find detailed information, descriptions, and ratings of the strings included in the set DP100, as well as the strings of DOMINANT PRO's Expanded Line.

Also available is a direct and honest comparison tool to understand the differences of all DOMINANT PRO strings as well as the differences and commonalities of DOMINANT and DOMINANT PRO. An updated soundchart, artist reviews, and a comprehensive information brochure are available on

"DOMINANT PRO violin strings are a revolutionary evolution of the world-famous Dominant string set," Anton Sorokow, first concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony said.

"I am completely fascinated by the tonal warmth, balance, and immense power radiated by these strings. I can warmly recommend these violin strings to all instrumentalists of every level."

The Violin Channel is this week giving away 1 of 5 personalized Thomastik-Infeld string consultations and DOMINANT PRO Violin String Sets.


january, 2023


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