OUT NOW | Pirastro Unveils New Perpetual Viola String Set

With the new Perpetual Viola string set, Pirastro has now completed the Perpetual production line


Pirastro Strings announced the launch of the new Perpetual Viola String Set, providing a large sound volume and carrying power combined with a precisely focused sound projection.

The Perpetual Viola Set Medium comes with an A-steel/chrome steel-ball, D-silver, G-silver, and C-rope core/tungsten. An optional Perpetual loop end A-string is also available.

"The Perpetual Viola Strings react in an ideal way to the finest nuances in bow speed and pressure; this enables the musician to play with an extreme range of dynamics and expression," Pirastro US Marketing Manager Ed Mingo told The Violin Channel.

"The innovative core material allows a comfortable soothes during legato, shifting, string crossings, double stops, and chords. The extended reverberation of the PERPETUAL brings forth the beauty of sound.

"An important and absolutely remarkable feature of the Perpetual is their immediate reliability which allows the player to trust in the strings tuning stability directly after installation."

The new set is available now at string stores internationally.

Visit Pirastro's website for more details.