NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Seth Grosshandler’s Violin Sonata World Premiere

Violinist Christina Bouey and pianist Yoon Lee performed the new work for a livestream recital on December 19th, 2020


"During the pandemic, violinist Christina Bouey and her husband Michael Sinocropi, a trumpetist and recording engineer, escaped New York City to upstate New York where I live and have a small guest cottage," said Grosshandler.

"They have been my roommates since March. Having an on-site violinist of such great talent has been my inspiration for writing a violin and piano sonata, in addition to some pieces for piano, violin and trumpet.

"I had decided that I wanted to write a multi–movement violin and piano sonata during the pandemic. After that, I mapped out the basic idea for the Scherzo movement and then the first movement. My teacher, Dr. Philip Lasser, had the idea to make the introduction of the first movement also serve as the theme for the last movement. The second movement was the last to be completed.

"Although I had substantially completed the piece in October, it took a few months more to put all the finishing touches in. It was extremely important to hear Yoon Lee, the pianist, rehearse the work. It not only showed me what needed to be clarified in the notation of the piece, but it also led me to make some reasonably substantial changes to the music itself.

"I strive in my music to create memorable melodies, textures, colors, and drama. I hope listeners will want to listen to the work again!"