NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Rasmus Puur’s Violin Concerto [PREMIERE]

The 29-year-old Estonian composer intends for the work to bring hope and bliss at a time where those feelings are lacking in the music industry


Rasmus spoke with The Violin Channel about his piece, which premiered on September 13, 2020 in Parnu, Estonia.

Violinist Linda-Anette Verte asked the composer to write it for her, and later, conductor Kaspar Mänd and the Pärnu City Orchestra became interested in the project.

"I began composing it at the end of 2018, but I couldn't quite finish it," Rasmus said.

"Although I knew the soloist, conductor, and orchestra well, writing for them was somehow really complicated. I stopped composing and felt quite hopeless. Still, I started to work on a clearer and sharper idea, development, and form. After half a year, I managed to write the concerto in almost one breath. I suddenly understood everything and the writing went quickly. It took a lot of deep reflecting, thinking, and truly struggling with myself — and that is in some way what the concerto is all about.

"If I shared the idea behind the piece, it could narrow the reception and resonance of the listener. Naturally, I shared ideas with the soloist and conductor a bit, but still, it doesn't really matter what I thought of the piece. This is the charm and fascination of music — it is ambivalent!

"After all of this turbulence and drama in music, due to the pandemic, I would like if listeners could take with them a feeling of hope and bliss. Besides that, I want them to have something to think about afterwards and for them to be moved. The problem with a lot of contemporary music is that it is written for the brain and not for the heart. I truly hope my work will move the listener."