NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Composer Huang Ruo's New "A DUST IN TIME" For Solo Violin

Performed by violinist Jennifer Koh, the new piece was commissioned by Works & Process at the Guggenheim Museum, in New York City


Huang Ruo recently talked with The Violin Channel about the new piece.

"No matter who you are and where you are, we are all affected by this apparently endless pandemic," he said. "Most of us have experienced moments during this global crisis where time and space seem to be slowed or frozen. This ongoing crisis has affected our current life and maybe even our life in the future.

"'A DUST IN TIME' is written for the people affected by the pandemic, giving them a piece of music to reflect, to express, to mourn, to bury, to heal, and to find internal peace, strength, and hope.

"This solo-violin version of 'A DUST IN TIME' is created as part of the Works & Process Artist (WPA) Virtual Commissions, which financially support artists and nurture their creative process during these challenging times. I invited violinist Jennifer Koh to be part of this meaningful project, to give the world premiere in NYC virtually as well as in-person through Works & Process at the Guggenheim museum.

"When the pandemic started last spring, I fell into a deep dark hole and couldn't get out. By composing 'A DUST IN TIME' and finding what works for my own personal meditation and medication, I slowly was able to search and find the light and hope. Now, I hope to share this meaningful pandemic piece in any possible way with anyone affected by this challenging time. I called it 'Action Music' or 'Action Art,' which is new music or artwork created in real-time as a reaction and response to current real-life events and crises.

"The piece is never finished.  In fact, from its first note, the piece continues to live, expand, and be created...Therefore, whenever it is performed and shared in a new place with a new audience, it is breathed with new life.

"The piece is about 30-minutes in duration, unfolding a journey from darkness to light, from frozenness to life and energy. My hope is for the listeners to take away with them whatever they need and feel, as it is meant to be a musical space and time for people to reflect."