London Symphony Orchestra Principal Violist to Step Down

Paul Silverthorne London Symphony Orchestra Cover

The London Symphony Orchestra has today announced that Principal violist, Paul Silverthorne is set to step down in October of this year - to relocate to a teaching position in China.

Paul, who will also leave his position as Professor at London's Royal Academy of Music, has served the LSO chair since 1991.

He will join the faculty of the Soochow University, in Suzhou - as a Professor of viola and chamber music.

‘Twenty five years ago this summer I first played with the LSO and in October I leave my position there at the end of a tour of Japan where it all started. It has been a wonderful period in my life and certainly the most important part of what has been a wonderfully varied career,' Paul has said via facebook.

‘I shall be returning frequently to the UK and continuing to perform and teach internationally. I hope to see many of you when your touring brings you to China. Now back to my Mandarin homework!’ he has added.