Hilary Hahn Receives Dushkin Award from the Music Institute of Chicago

Established in 1985, the award recognizes high-achieving performers who also have a deeply rooted passion for music education

(Photo credit: OJ Slaughter)


The Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) has named violinist Hilary Hahn as the recipient of the Dushkin Award for 2022. Established in 1985, previous awardees include the violinists Pinchas Zukerman, Rachel Barton Pine, and Joshua Bell.

Of particular note was Hahn's commitment to engaging with her audiences, particularly through the use of digital tools such as social media. The MIC commended Hahn on her use of the Instagram-based 100 Days of Practice initiative, which saw her demystify the process of preparing works for performance in real time.

Alongside the use of digital platforms, the citation also noted that Hahn has always made time to engage with her audiences face-to-face: she greets concert-goers and provides signatures at almost every concert she gives.

The MIC also praised Hahn for her commitment to commissioning and performing new music, as well as her contribution to the Suzuki method via a series of recordings.

The Institute also honored the contribution of cello pedagogue Dr. Tanya L. Carey, naming her as the 2022 recipient of the Colburn Award for Teaching Excellence. Alongside her day-to-day teaching work around Chicago, Carey has also instructed hundreds of cello teachers in pedagogy, ensuring that they are able to properly nurture the next generation of musicians.

"Tonight, we celebrate music, from discovery through mastery and to the many spaces in between," said Scott Verschoor, the Chair of the Music Institute of Chicago's Board of Trustees. "We celebrate the importance of music to provide healing to a country and world faced with pandemics, war, and civil unrest."

"Music will always be our constant," he added. "At the Music Institute we believe music is an essential element of a compassionate community; it strengthens bonds and nourishes the human spirit. We also believe live music and quality music education should be accessible to everyone."