Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Turning An Unwanted Viola into a Tennis Racquet [WHAT]

British violist Graham Oppenheimer steps us through the process of turning an unwanted viola into a tennis racquet ....  

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Guinness World Record For the 'Lowest Female Vocal Note' [WOW]

Welsh vocalist Helen Leahey's Guinness World Record for the the lowest vocal note ever sung by a female ... Known as 'The Bass Queen', Helen...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | 1989 Miss America – 'Zigeunerweisen' [YAAASS]

1989 Ms America pageant winner Grechen Elisabeth Carlson, from Minnesota ... performing Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen ... GRECHEN ELISABETH CARLSON | SARASATE | ZIGEUNERWEISEN | 1989 MISS...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Meet the Modulin - The Modular Synthesizer & Violin [HUH]

Meet Swedish folktronica band member Martin Molin and his home-made modulin - the 1/2 modular synthesizer and 1/2 violin ...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Meet Reg Kehoe ... and His Marimba Queens [WTF]

Sit back, relax and enjoy ... the bizarre and exuberant showmanship of the 1940s - with Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens …

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Sibelius 'Finlandia' (Arr. 4 Electric Toothbrushes) [WTF]

Introducing Sibelius' Finlandia ... performed by 4 electric toothbrushes  ... Produced by a Finnish engineer, calling himself The Device Orchestra, the ensemble focuses primarily on...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | 'Flight of the Bumblebee' (Arr. 2 Double Basses) [WOAH]

American double bassist Lev Weksler performing Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee' ... arranged for him and himself ... LEV WEKSLER | RIMSKY-KORSAKOV | FLIGHT OF THE...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | How to Make an Origami Paper Violin [LEARN]

A step by step instructional video on how to construct a Japanese paper origami violin. Knock yourself out!

WACKY WEDNESDAY | 'Star-Spangled Banner' For 4-Part Violin [MUST-WATCH]

Chinese violin virtuoso Li Chuan Yun performing the United States' Star-Spangled Banner in 4 part harmony - at once ... on a single violin .... LI CHUAN...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | TwoSet Violin - '21 Excuses For Not Practicing' [YAAAS]

Australian funsters TwoSet Violin present …. '21 excuses for not practicing' ...  

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Finding Time to Practise And Workout Everyday ... [WHAT]

Polish flautist Krzysztof Kaczka shows us there are no excuses for not practising and working out everyday ...  

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Meet Aerial Acrobatic Violinist ... Janice Martin [WHAT]

Self described as 'The World's Only Aerial Violinist', Juilliard School-graduate Janice Martin performing Vivaldi's Summer upside down ... inside out ... and back-to-front ...   JANICE MARTIN...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Vivaldi Concerto - On The World's Smallest Violin [HUH]

Venezuelan violinist Baltazar Monaca performing Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor ... on the world's smallest violin ...  

WACKY WEDNESDAY | Bach 'Fugue' – Arranged For Beer Bottles [HUH]

Seattle-based street musician, Mitso Floor performing Bach's Fugue ... on beer bottles ...

WACKY WEDNESDAY | American Vaudeville Violinist Wilbur Francis Hall [WHAT]

American vaudeville violinist Wilbur Francis Hall's frantically athletic rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel ... Taken from the 1930 classic film: The King of Jazz. WILBUR HALL...



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