American Viola Society Creates a Database for Underrepresented Composers

The database supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in the viola community and its repertoire


This database is open for public users to add any pieces they deem appropriate for the mission. There is a shortlist of requirements that AVS kindly asks its users to follow before choosing to upload anything.

Such reminders include citing all sources and being well-informed on the piece(s), resisting tokenism by truly understanding the material that is covered, and being a useful tool for the database by providing clear and accurate information and resources so discrepancies are avoided.

The goal is to amplify the voices and music that have been overruled by white, Western Euro-centric, male narratives and compositions. Standard repertoire can be re-evaluated and examined through a more culturally inclusive and broad lens.

The database information page offers plenty of information to consider when going into programming and performing a piece, or pieces, by a BIPOC composer.

AVS states that even with the purchase of a score, compensation for the composer is also necessary. These pieces are their property and they have a right to refute and criticize one's choice of programming.

The following link will take you to the database: