Air Canada Makes Public Declaration of No Violas in the Cabin

air canada viola musical instrument violin policy cover

Air Canada has published a detailed explanation of its musical instrument transportation policy – declaring violins and cellos are permitted to be taken within the cabin, but violas must be transported within the hold.

“Violins may be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage,” the online Air Canada policy statement has outlined - however “Violas can only be accepted as checked baggage.”

“A cello may be accepted as checked baggage, or may be transported in the cabin if a seat is purchased for it,” the statement reads.

The policy differs from most international airline carriers - who make no distinction in the rules between violins and violas.

The policy announcement comes just months after virtuoso Itzhak Perlman filed a formal complaint against the airline - after he was abandoned by an Air Canada disability assistant at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.


Disabled Itzhak Perlman Abandoned by Airline Official at Canadian Airport